Three New Poems – Spring 2021

These are new poems that I may add to the new book, or another book.

in my study this morning
already light

small study
and books to read
days with longer light

used books
new for me
light on old
and new leaves
of a house plant

Ellen Grace Olinger


Photo by Karl – May 2011
Photo by Karl – May 2011
Photo by Karl – May 2011
Photo by Karl – May 2011


Swans – Lake Michigan
Photo by Karl years ago

Spring 2021: Progress Note

I think the previous posts, with many of my short poems, will work together in book form. There may be changes as we work.

Now I am going to review our photo archives, and create more posts. One step at a time, over time.

Praying The Psalms

praying the Psalms
and reading poetry
books and journals
I write new poems
about everyday life

roses in the sun

roses in the sun
some ending
some beginning
and some in full bloom
good to grow older

All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku, 2019
Edited by Robert Epstein
Middle Island Press
West Union, WV